Following a Track from mid point and not start to finish or finish to start?



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    Lyza Hsu

    When you are at the middle of trail and hit follow. It will show "You've reached XXX. Start tracking?" 

    If it doesn't show the message, please go around and hit follow again. The GPS might not recognize the correct point you are.

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    ZR2 Boogie

    I had this same problem recently. Would be great if there was a fix for it as you're suggesting.
    What I ended up doing...and this is by no means how we want it to continuing along the trail and ignoring turns/calls for a u-turn and eventually, after a while, it caught up with my location on the trail. However, it was a nuisance and not the ideal way to navigate a trail you're NOT familiar with, which is why most of us bought this device.

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