Types of Content.

When you search for map content and data on your TRX7 or TRX mobile app, you have several filter options:

  • Trails: Official TRX Trails loaded into the TRX basemap (over 80,000 currently available). These Trails vary in their source (e.g. United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Owlshead GPS, etc.), but all official TRX Trails have been vetted and approved for safety.
  • Tracks: Personal Tracks that you've recorded using your TRX7 or TRX mobile app. These Tracks are visible to you and can be edited at any time, but are not visible to other TRX users who view the TRX basemap. Personal Tracks that have been recorded by other TRX users and published to the TRX basemap can also be seen with this search filter.
  • Trips: Personal Trips that have been created from user Tracks or GPX files and saved to the TRX basemap.
  • ORV Attractions: Official OHV parks and other attractions visible in the TRX basemap (over 200 currently available).
Many other content types and Points of Interest (POIs) are available as well, including Campsites, Lodging, Gas Stations, and more.

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