About TRX Trailhead,

TRX Trailhead is an online TRX planning and sharing tool that allows you to plan trips, share your user-generated tracks, create routes, view all 100,000+ Trails in the TRX basemap at once in an easy-to-use interface, and much more.

TRX Trailhead Home Page. The orange represents Trails available for saving
and navigation by TRX users (as of January 2017; entire TRX basemap not shown).

If you've already created a TRX account on the TRX7 or TRX mobile apps, you can use your account information to sign in to TRX Trailhead and sync your account with every platform.

With TRX Trailhead, the process of searching for Trails, user-published Tracks, and other map content is streamlined for quick, easy planning. Plus, any content that you save to your Log and Wish List (once you've signed in) is immediately available on your TRX7 or TRX mobile app (and vice versa).

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