Assemble the TRX7 AC Adapter and Plug.

Your TRX7 comes with a 5V 2A (DC Output) AC adapter optimized for integrating different types of international plugs as well as a separate two-pronged plug for use in American-style outlets.

To insert the plug into the adapter:
  1. Push down and forward on the locking mechanism (labeled with three arrows shaped like a pyramid) to open the mechanism.
  2. Insert the two-pronged plug at a slight angle with the tab facing down into the adapter base.
  3. Push the plug forward into the base, then push it down to snap it into place.
  4. Push the locking mechanism down to secure the plug in place.

Once the adapter is assembled, plug the AC adapter into an outlet and insert the microUSB cable into the microUSB port into the bottom of your TRX7.

To remove the plug from the adapter:
  1. Unplug the adapter from the outlet.
  2. Push down on the locking mechanism to loosen it.
  3. Push up on the plug (towards the lock) to open the locking mechanism and remove the plug tab from the adapter base.
  4. Remove the plug from the adapter.

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