Share Personal Content on TRX Trailhead.

To share Tracks, Waypoints, or Trips from your Log with other TRX users:
  1. Sign in to TRX Trailhead > click on the Log tab.
  2. Click on a piece of content that you want to share.
  3. Review the content's details to ensure the accuracy of the data.
  4. Add Notes to describe the content (if desired).
  5. Edit Review rating (1-5 Stars).
  6. Click Publish on the item details window. A window appears asking you to confirm that you want to share the item.
  7. Click Publish to share your content, or Close to cancel the action.
After you share your content, it's visible to you and all other TRX users on the basemap. Recorded Tracks that you share appear as User Published Tracks.

Note: You can't remove a shared Track. Please verify that your content details are accurate. Describe any safety concerns you have about the content before sharing it with the TRX community.

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