Sync TRX Trailhead with Your TRX7/TRX App.

Already created an account on your TRX7 or the TRX mobile app? Sync TRX Trailhead with your existing TRX account to keep data updated across all your TRX devices.

To sync your account:
  1. Go to > click Sign In.
  2. Enter the Email Address and Password you used to create your TRX account on the TRX7 or TRX app.
  3. Click Sign In again.
Any data you've saved to your TRX account on other TRX devices/apps (Log + Wish List, Dirt Miles, Recorded Tracks, etc.) will be visible on TRX Trailhead when you log in with your existing TRX account.

New data not showing up on your TRX7 or TRX Trailhead? Click here to read our article about Manual Sync.

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