Mark a Coordinates Waypoint (Detail Waypoint) (TRX7/TRX App).

  1. Tap the blue Map button on the TRX Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Detail Waypoint button in the lower left screen.
  3. Tap Coordinates.
  4. Tap on either numerical text box and use the number pad to change the coordinate numbers.
  5. Tap on the cardinal direction letters to toggle between N & S and E & W.
  6. Tap Done once you've entered the coordinates.
  7. Confirm the location of the coordinates on the next page.
  8. Tap Save to continue, or Cancel to stop marking the Waypoint.
  9. Select a Waypoint type and sub-type (if applicable).
  10. Enter a name and commentary for your Waypoint.
  11. Tap OK to mark the Coordinates Waypoint, or Cancel to stop marking the Waypoint.

lat/long waypoint

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