Mark a Point On Map Waypoint (Detail Waypoint) (TRX7/TRX App).

  1. Tap the blue Map button on the TRX Dashboard.
  2. Tap the Detail Waypoint button in the lower left screen.
  3. Tap Point On Map.
  4. Pan around the map to find the point where you want to mark the Waypoint.
  5. Tap the map where you want to mark the Waypoint. A new screen appears with the coordinates of that point.
  6. Tap Clear Point if you want to set the Waypoint somewhere else.
  7. Tap Save to continue, or Cancel to stop marking the Waypoint.
  8. Select a Waypoint Type and sub-type (if available).
  9. Enter a name and commentary for your Waypoint.
  10. Tap Add Photos to attach pictures to the Waypoint (if desired).
  11. Tap Save to mark your Point On Map Waypoint, or Discard to cancel the action.

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