Search For OHV Attractions (TRX7/TRX App).

  1. Tap Search from the TRX Dashboard.
  2. Tap the OHV Attractions button to filter search results to include only OHV attraction data near your GPS location.
  3. Choose a Near filter from the drop-down menu: Nearby, Near City or Zip, Near Point on Map, or Near Coordinate.
  4. Enter a keyword related to the OHV Attraction you're looking for.
  5. Tap on an OHV Attraction from the list that's generated by your search filters to view attraction details.
  6. Tap Save to add the OHV Attraction to your Wish List.
Don't see a popular or well-known OHV attraction or park on your TRX7? Email us at or call our TRX Support line at 877-255-4161 to let us know an area where you'd like to see an OHV attraction or park added to our growing list of OHV Attractions.

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