Mounting The TRX7 In Your Vehicle.

  1. OPTIONAL: Screw the power cradle onto the back of the TRX7 unit using the two included screws.*
  2. Attach the AMPS baseplate onto the cradle using the four included screws.
  3. Snap the TRX7 onto the power cradle (you'll hear a click when the TRX7 has successfully mounted the cradle).
  4. Attach the mount to the vehicle dashboard or windshield using the suction cup base (base model or 4x4 model) or to your vehicle's roll cage.**
Then, plug the device into your vehicle power outlet using the vehicle power adapter (VPA) supplied with your TRX7. Please use ONLY the supplied VPA.***

 The TRX7 comes with two optional screws for affixing the cradle to the TRX7. These are not required to attach the cradle to the TRX7 unit.
** RAM suction and U-bolt mounts both require additional assembly. Go to for more details.
WARNING: Use ONLY Magellan-supplied adapters for charging. Using 3rd-party or other non-Magellan charging equipment may result in an insufficient charge or damage to either the battery or charging equipment.

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