Upload GPX Files to TRX Trailhead.

You can import well-formatted, standard .gpx files, with multiple Tracks or Waypoints, to your TRX Trailhead Log.

To upload a GPX file:
  1. Click Upload GPX file in the Log tab.
  2. Select a GPX file from your computer.
  3. Open the file to upload it to TRX Trailhead.
  4. Rate and add attributes to the file as if you're adding attributes to a recorded Track.
  5. Click Review to save the file to your Log.
Note: If you record Tracks on any proprietary GPS device, chances are that the Tracks are saved in a format that’s encrypted to work on that device. To convert encrypted GPS tracks to standard .gpx formats may require additional software (conversion tools). You can find out more about GPS file conversion on websites such as GPS Visualizer, GPS Babel, etc.

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