Search for Trails on TRX Trailhead.

To search for official TRX basemap Trails on TRX Trailhead:
  1. Sign in to TRX Trailhead.
  2. Click the Trails icon at the top of the page. All TRX Trails are now visible on the map.
  3. Enter a Trail name, nickname, or other keyword into the Find text box.
  4. Enter a City, State, Zip Code, Forest, or other location term into the Near text box (or don't enter anything to search within the Current Map Area).
  5. Click Search (magnifying glass icon).
All Trails that match your search criteria are highlighted in red on the basemap. You may also see a drop-down list that allows you to select from two or more Trails that match your search criteria. Click on any Trail on the map or in this list to view detailed Trail information.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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