TRX7 Basics + Home Screen.

The Magellan® eXplorist® TRX7 Off-Road GPS Navigator is a ruggedized, IP67-rated tablet that runs our proprietary Magellan TRX software on an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Click here for a quick tour of the TRX7's basic functions.

When you first turn on your TRX7, you'll see the Home Screen, which allows you access to the TRX software loaded onto the device as well as other Android tablet features.

The Home Screen displays the TRX software (the Magellan icon in the middle of the screen), current time and date, local weather, and other basic tablet functions:
  • Internet browser
  • Apps, Widgets, and Settings
  • Contacts List
Tap the TRX icon on the Home Screen to go to the TRX Dashboard and begin using our TRX software.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT use the Internet Browser to log into the TRX Trailhead online planning and sharing tool. TRX Trailhead is optimized for desktop computers, and not all functions will work properly on the TRX7 Internet Browser.

For help with tablet functions, refer to any Android Jelly Bean software documentation to learn more about the functionality of the Android software on the TRX7 tablet. Go to the Android OS Help page or the Android and Nexus User Guides page > click on any manuals for Android 4.0 devices for details. If you can't find what you're looking for, send us an email at or call us at (800) 707-9971 to talk to a TRX Support Team member (available between 8AM-5PM Pacific Standard Time).

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