Add a Photo to a Waypoint (TRX7).

The TRX7 does not have its own camera.

To load photos into your TRX7:
  1. Insert your camera's microSD card into the slot in the side of the device.
  2. While adding a Waypoint to a Track, tap the Add Photos option.
  3. Choose from the photos on the SD card > tap Save to add it to the Waypoint.
You can also download photos from Dropbox, Google Photos, or other photo-sharing website by opening the website that contains your photos in the TRX7's built-in Internet browser and downloading them to the device.

  • DO NOT use any microSD cards larger than 32GB. Using cards that are larger than 32GB may result in data loss.
  • TRX7 supports FAT16/FAT32 and cannot guarantee exFAT.
Go to to add photos to Waypoints after you sync your Track.

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