Set Up Your Personal Email Account (TRX7).

Note: Make sure you're connected to Wi-Fi before you attempt to log into your email account on your TRX7.

To set up your personal email account on your TRX7:
  1. Tap Apps from the TRX Home screen (circle with six dots inside) > tap Email.
  2. Enter your Email address (e.g. and Password associated with your email account.
  3. Tap Next. Wait a few moments for the TRX7 to communicate with the email server.
  4. Select your Account options > tap Next.
  5. Name your email account and choose a display name (people who receive your emails will see the name you enter here as the sender of the emails) > Tap Next.
Your email account is now active on your TRX7, and you'll be automatically redirected to your email inbox.

To get to your email inbox at any time, just tap
Apps > Email.

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