Set A Password Lock On Your TRX7.

You can set a password lock on your TRX7 to protect your device and associated data from unauthorized access.

Note: We recommend that you create a TRX account before setting a password lock on your TRX7 device.

To set a password lock:
  1. Tap Apps from the TRX7 home screen (circle button with six dots).
  2. Tap Settings from the Apps menu.
  3. Scroll down in the Settings menu > tap Security.
  4. Tap Screen lock > select Password.
  5. Choose a password (must be at least 4 characters, including 1 letter).
  6. Confirm your new password > tap OK.
Now, when you turn on your TRX7, you'll be prompted to enter your password before you can access your TRX7.

Forgot your password? Call TRX Support at 877-255-4161 or email us at for assistance in resetting your device password.

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