Reinstall Maps after a Factory Reset.

Please DO NOT (ever) perform a factory reset on your TRX7.

However, in case you've accidentally performed one, follow the steps below to restore the map data to your TRX7:
  1. Click here to download the TRX7 maps ZIP file to your PC.
  2. On your PC, unzip the file. You should see a new Maps folder after you unzip the file.
  3. Connect your TRX7 unit to your PC using the supplied TRX7 USB cable.
  4. Click Open device to view files when the Autoplay window appears > open the Internal storage.
  5. Delete the existing Maps folder from your device’s internal storage.
  6. Copy the Maps folder from the zip file on the PC to your TRX7 internal storage.
  7. Disconnect your TRX7 unit from your PC once the map files have been copied to your TRX7.
Once you boot up the TRX7 again, the new maps will be immediately available.

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