Create a Route on TRX Trailhead.

The TRX Routing tool on is designed to help you plan day trips, weekend trips, and even long overland voyages that you can follow using your TRX7.

With the TRX Routing tool, you can create a custom route, save it to your Wish List, and sync the route with your TRX7 Wish List.

First, create a custom route on TRX Trailhead:
  1. Sign in to TRX Trailhead using your TRX account.
  2. Click on the Wish List tab on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click Try TRX routing Beta.
  4. Right-click on the basemap where you want to create a Waypoint as your route starting point OR add an item from your Wish List as your starting point.
  5. Continue right-clicking on the map along the route you wish to create to drop Waypoints along your desired route.
  6. NOTE: You can also search for Trails using the TRX Trailhead search functions to assist you in creating your route.
  7. Click Route name to enter a name for your route.
  8. Click Save to add your custom route to your Wish List.
Once your route is saved to your Wish List, you'll see the route in your Wish List on your TRX7.

Note: If you don't see your new route right away, tap Settings > Manual Sync to sync your TRX7 with TRX Trailhead data.

Then, follow the route using your TRX7:
  1. Tap Journal from the TRX Dashboard > tap Wish List.
  2. Tap on your custom route in your Wish List.
  3. Tap on a routing option: Fastest, Shortest, or Least Highways (if desired).
  4. Tap GO to begin routing along your custom route with visual and audible route guidance.
Watch a video tutorial about creating a route on TRX Trailhead:

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