Why is my map update "skipping"?

If you attempt to perform a map update and your TRX7 goes into Lock mode or you leave/close the TRX software, the map update will automatically pause its progress. When you return to the TRX software and tap Download to resume the map update, the progress bar will say that the download is "skipping".

This does NOT mean that the download is being skipped! The map update process is merely skipping ahead to where the map update was paused. This skipping notification is normal and does not indicate any issues with the map update process.

Try making these adjustments to help speed along the map update process:
  1. Make sure you have a solid Wi-Fi connection (Note: even with high-speed internet, the update can still take some time).
  2. Make sure your TRX7 is plugged into AC power and your battery is charged to at least 60%.
  3. Do NOT leave the Map Update screen OR close the TRX software when the update is in progress. If you go to another screen or close the app, the update will pause and will need to "skip" back to where it left off when you closed the Map Update screen.
  4. Make sure your TRX7 is not set to go into Sleep mode. To adjust this, swipe down from the top right of the screen > tap Settings > scroll down to Display > make sure Sleep is set to Never. If your TRX7 goes into Sleep or Hibernate mode, the update will pause and will have to "skip" back to where it left off when you resume the update.

Note: Even when skipping, the map update can still take a few hours to complete due to the high volume of data contained in each map update. However, if you're unable to complete the map update after a few attempts, email us at trxsupport@magellangps.com or open a support ticket using the Contact support button on the right side of the TRX Support page.

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