Why can't I log in to my TRX account?

Login issues can arise for several reasons.

If you're suddenly unable to log in despite being able to log in previously, then there may be server issues on our end. In this case, wait a few hours and try to log in again. If your login issues persist, call us at 800-707-9971 or email us at trxsupport@magellangps.com.

If you have an existing Magellan GPS account but you encounter error messages when you try to sign in on a TRX device or TRX Trailhead, you may not have set up a TRX account profile. In this case, click Create Account on the TRX Trailhead sign-in page, or go to the TRX Dashboard > Account ProfileCreate Account on your TRX device and enter your existing Magellan GPS account credentials and profile details to create your TRX account profile.

If you've created a TRX account but you've never been able to log in, then there may be an issue in our customer database. In this case, call us at 877-255-4161 or email us at trxsupport@magellangps.com so that we can fix any such issues with your customer data that may be preventing you from logging in.

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