Undo A Factory Reset.

Please DO NOT (ever) perform a factory reset on your TRX7 unit.

However, in case you've accidentally performed one, follow the steps below to restore the V4 app.

First, uninstall the version of the software that was installed on your TRX7 following the factory reset:

1. Tap the Apps button from the device home screen.

2. Tap Settings in the Apps page.

3. Scroll down in the menu and tap Apps.

4, Tap the Magellan ORV Mobile app in the Apps menu.

5. Tap Uninstall on the App info page.

Note: Before you proceed with the next steps, swipe down from the top right of the screen > tap Settings > scroll down and tap Security > make sure that Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) is checked.

Then, once you've uninstalled the app from your TRX7 unit, reinstall the V4 software:

1. Click here to download the current TRX7 version software APK self-installer to your PC (not your TRX7).
2. Connect your TRX7 unit to your PC using the supplied TRX7 USB cable.
3. Click Open device to view files when the AutoPlay window appears.
4. Copy T-AndroidORV-v4_00_0020-PND.apk from your PC to your TRX7 internal storage.

5. Disconnect your TRX7 unit from your PC once the APK files have been copied to your TRX7.
6. On your TRX7 unit, tap Apps from the TRX7 home screen.

7. Tap File Manager in the Apps page.

8. Tap on the T-AndroidORV-v4_00_0020-PND.apk file to begin installing the TRX V4 software back on your TRX7.

Contact us at trxsupport@magellangps.com or call us at 877-255-4161 if you have any issues with this process.

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