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  1. TRX7 Quick Start Guide. 

    1. TRX7 Hardware Overview.
    2. TRX7 Basics + Home Screen.
    3. Set Up Your TRX7 In Your Vehicle.
    4. Assemble the TRX7 AC Adapter.
    5. Power On the TRX7.
  2. TRX Account Setup. 

    1. Create Your TRX Account (TRX7).
    2. Create Your TRX Account (TRX Trailhead).
    3. Register Your TRX7 Device.
    4. Create Your Vehicle Profile (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Change Your Active Vehicle.
  3. Updating Software & Maps. 

    1. Current Software Versions.
    2. TRX7 Software Update.
    3. TRX7 Map Update.
    4. TRX7 System Update
  4. TRX7 Equipment Setup. 

    1. Set Up Your TRX7 At Home.
    2. Set Up Your TRX7 In Your Vehicle.
    3. Power Your TRX7 On and Off.
    4. View the Battery Level Indicator On Your TRX7.
    5. Check GPS Status On Your TRX7.
  5. Setting Preferences On Your TRX7. 

    1. Change Language Settings (TRX7/TRX App).
    2. Change Unit of Distance Measure (TRX7/TRX App).
    3. Change Map View (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Change Active Map View (TRX7/TRX App).
  6. Connecting Your TRX Account To Social Media. 

    1. Link Your TRX Account to Twitter (TRX7/TRX App).
    2. Link Your TRX Account to Instagram (TRX7/TRX App).
    3. Link Your TRX Account to Twitter and Instagram (TRX Trailhead).
  7. Searching For Content + Map Data. 

    1. Types of Content.
    2. Search For Trails (TRX7/TRX App).
    3. Search For TRX User Tracks (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Search For Trips (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Search For OHV Attractions (TRX7/TRX App).
  8. Maintaining Your Journal (Log + Wish List). 

    1. Import A GPX File.
    2. Export A Track As A GPX File.
    3. Create A Trip In Your Log (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Delete Trips From Your Log Or Wish List (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Route To An Item On Your Log or Wish List.
  9. Recording and Saving Tracks. 

    1. Start/Pause Tracking (TRX7/TRX App).
    2. Tweet From Your Track (TRX7/TRX App).
    3. Backtrack to the Start of Your Track (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Finish & Save Your Track (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Edit Your Recorded Tracks (TRX7/TRX App).
  10. Marking Waypoints. 

    1. Mark Quick Waypoints (TRX7/TRX App).
    2. Mark Detail Waypoints (TRX7/TRX App).
    3. Mark An Audio Waypoint (Detail Waypoint) (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Mark a Current Location Waypoint (Detail Waypoint) (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Mark a Point On Map Waypoint (Detail Waypoint) (TRX7/TRX App).
  11. Using TRX Trailhead. 

    1. About TRX Trailhead,
    2. Sign In To TRX Trailhead.
    3. Sync TRX Trailhead with Your TRX7/TRX App.
    4. View Profile on TRX Trailhead.
    5. Types of Content.
  12. TRX Companion Apps (Android + iOS). 

    1. Download the TRX Companion App (iOS).
    2. Create Your TRX Account (TRX App).
    3. Log Into the TRX App with Your Existing TRX Account.
    4. Update the TRX Companion App (iOS).
    5. Write A Review for the TRX App (iOS).
  13. TRX Glossary of Key Terms 

    1. Account Profile.
    2. Achievements
    3. Active Track.
    4. Backtrack.
    5. Basemap.
  14. TRX7 Device Troubleshooting. 

    1. Why won't my TRX7 power back on?
    2. Update Your TRX7 Operating System (OS).
    3. Assemble the TRX7 AC Adapter and Plug.
    4. Can I plug my TRX7 into my vehicle's head unit?
    5. Can I perform a factory reset on my TRX7?
  15. All articles 

    1. Why won't my TRX7 power back on?
    2. Set Up Your TRX7 At Home.
    3. Start/Pause Tracking (TRX7/TRX App).
    4. Mark Quick Waypoints (TRX7/TRX App).
    5. Download the TRX Companion App (iOS).

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